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Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured

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Ohenenana Mensah Abrompa
2005-03-02 07:40:11
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Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured

Thanks to the Police for a good JOB done, it was just last week that we had a topic on this issue. My worry is that "IS IT TRUE CAPTURE", and not those your home movies? Reports reaching our office indicates some propaganda in some media reports in GHANA by some top officials just to get away with serious matters.

Well if Atta AYI as he calls himself has confessed killing some innocent people then let the LAW that implies to that crime take its immediate course.

I was in Accra during Acheampong regime, when armed robbers along the Dzorwulu area were stopped within a second.Do you want to scare the tourists and visitors to our Country?

You can do the same. We want our citizens, visitors and the ongoing Democracy in Ghana to succeed, no matter what the minority inferiority complex plan to do.

We of the diaspora have various associations and organizations helping on other issues like Health. Education, etc. If the Government now wants some of us to direct our attention to helping on eradicating armed robbery he should tell us without delay. As a teenager, I witnessed thieves of domestic items and pets were given a sever beatings by the village watchers even before they take them to the Chiefs palace.

Why not give power to the city councils or Royals to setup city/town/village crime watchers as we have here even children who skip classes without permission. Equip them with communication systems to be assisting the police.

We want everybody to know about the law covering this notorious job, the punishment attached to it. You keep on mentioning other names for these uncivilized jobs these greedy young men do, but these names have nothing to do with them at all.

Even in some Countries SORCERERS are been shot by firing squad how much more armed robbers? Please protect the innocent hard working group in the society.

I dont beleive this photo because, a District councillor had taken a picture of another school building and had managed to have it published as a completed project,somewhere.We are still on our investigations and would bring you the Names soon for the Police to contact him.

I say BRAVO to the brave police force.

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RE: Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured
Ohenenana Mensah Abrompa
03-02 07:40