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Majority Leader responds to 450-seater parliament


2019-07-05 09:47:39
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Majority Leader responds to 450-seater parliament

Ghanaians, ain't you tired of NPP/NDC thievery? They keep milking the state dry with their crooked corrupt agenda. We need to collectively deal with these politicians so we can have our peace of mind. It's now evident those we elect to represent us in parliament are just insane and dirty. They seek their maximum comfort at the expense of the poor. Nana Addo has sincerely disappointed me and nothing gonna push me to vote again. I used to support Mahama but his time was characterised by so many wrongs and corruption. I decided to change for Nana for what he stood for when he was in opposition. But what do we see nowadays? Is now evident all politicians are the same thieves who swim in the same pool. God Almighty continue to punish all you greedy demon politicians who keeps stealing our monies with impunity. But just remember that a day is coming when the youth of this country would rise to deal ruthlessly with these wicked politicians. When it does finally happen, no bullet or tear gas can stop that movement. I foresee it coming soon if things remain same

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