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We sole-sourced $97.9m worth of agrochemicals for 2017/2018 - AG's witness

Comment: cocoa Nti scientific report was forged

2019-07-04 11:12:18
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We sole-sourced $97.9m worth of agrochemicals for

I'm here to let you know the facts.

1.cocoa nti fertilizers scientific report was forged by the second prosecution witness Dr. Alfred Arthur when he travelled to meet the officials of OCP Morocco which lead to his suspension at CRIG when he was transferred from Tafo to Bunso and he was warned not go anywhere near the testing of fertizers and agrochemicals, a committee was set up to investigate it and ill be glad you find the committee report and read it.

2.the scientific repport was sent to cocobod on the 2nd of match 2017 then on the 5th Adu Ampomah and co Applied to procure $52 million worth of that fertilizer, that same day after PPA have approved they wrote back to them to purchase another $97 million claiming its farmers preference.
This products letter of acceptance has not even been issued an for that matter at the time they were applying to procure that product it had no certificate.

3. so my third point is a question which is how then can a product which is not yet in the market be preference of farmers;

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cocoa Nti scientific report was forged
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