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Armed robbers 'emboldened', 'on rampage' under Akufo-Addo – Mahama

Comment: Shaaaaaame unto you Mahama

Mahama you cannot win with you evil d
2019-06-16 15:18:56
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Armed robbers 'emboldened', 'on rampage' under Aku

Mahama you cannot win in anyway you try, the kidnapping going on in the country right now has your hand in it. We have pictures of you and Seidu, and aren't you ashame of yourself as an ex president taken a photo with now kidnappers. You are an idiot to come out on this platform talking bullshit.You want to sabotage our current president with these kidnapping going about in the country but you cannot win as all your evil plans will be thwarted and we will catch you in any form you go with your evil intention. If you want the trust of our people then go in a normal way. You are too idiot and you don't think about the reputation of the country. Ghana is not for you and you need to stop stealing from us as a nation and stop the evil deeds right now. The whole nation know you and your stealing attitude. Please stop your nonsense and grow up.You are always acting like a kid who didnt grow up with his dad. Shaaaaaaame unto you Mahama and the NDC. '3y3 ma wa ni 3ngu as3m' . Bad ex president who don't respect himself like this, hmmm.. gyimie .

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06-16 11:25
Shaaaaaame unto you Mahama
Mahama you cannot win with you evil d
06-16 15:18