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Armed robbers 'emboldened', 'on rampage' under Akufo-Addo – Mahama

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2019-06-16 13:09:47
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Re: Armed robbers 'emboldened', 'on rampage' under

Author: Kofi. ..........
Sam George, do you say the dead body resurrected as soon as you were slapped? If you need apologies, you must first apologize for the lies you were heard saying. You were heard saying "YOU KILL SOMEONE IN HIS OWN HOUSE" several times; now the question is where is that supposedly killed person? Did that body resurrect after your slap? If so then you deserve more slaps so that more dead people will resurrect. YOUR STUPID FABRICATION ENDED YOU THE SLAP. YOU WERE EVEN SPARED. YOU SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED MORE SLAPS FOR CAUSING FEAR AND PANIC. YOU STUPID FOOL IN PARLIAMENT. THEY ARE READY TO MEET YOU IN COURT FOR A SHOW DOWN.

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06-16 11:25
Re: Armed robbers 'emboldened', 'on rampage' under
06-16 13:09