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Deputy Speaker cautions MPs against lying about attendance

Comment: Sad but true monkey has more sense

2019-06-17 00:45:12
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Deputy Speaker cautions MPs against lying about at

Ghana for you, the same everywhere with government and civil appointees. What a bad example for leaders and legislatures to set for the nation, paid for not even showing up to work. In fact paid extra for doing their own private work and not the job they were voted to do. The same with doctors especially the senior ones who get paid for not turning up for work but are constantly in their own private clinics.

This is a cursed nation run by thugs and disgusting human beings called politicians whom the wealth of the nation sorely belongs they think. A poor person is in prison for fighting, for owning as little as ยข5, for stealing food, for knocking someone's belongings down by accident and worst of all for being innocent. Whilst leaders and politicians have the licence to steal, embezzle, over inflate cooked up projects. Are these leaders without a conscience at all. How can they continuously abuse their rights in major corruption at the expense of the poor yet more privileged than the masses they are stealing from.

What's really wrong with the black monkey? Who will steal a $1m from the government but then go and borrow $10k from abroad. Has evil and selfishness turned us into idiots and a laughing stock for the rest of the world?

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