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Trainee nurse abducted and raped by ex-fiancé

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Chief Whip
2019-06-10 08:55:00
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Trainee nurse abducted

Why did she follow him to the guest house is not the issue. We are talking about RAPE here . Rape is a CRIME. the fact that she followed him to the guest house doesn't give the guy the freedom or right to rape her.
You've asked so many question eg. What did the guy tell her before she joined him to the guest house?How did she get to the guest house? Did they walk?Did they board a vehicle?
Max let it be known to you that RAPE IS A CRIME IN GHANA. When KKD's issue happened, he and his lawyers asked questions like why didn't the lady shout and so on , but in the end KKD started begging . The law doesn't entertain all these. In ghana the law says once the lady tells you to stop , STOP means stop or else you can be charged of rape. FINITO.

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06-10 02:05
Re: Trainee nurse abducted
Chief Whip
06-10 08:55