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Court orders CHRAJ to investigate Freddy Blay's private residence

Comment: Obi sika ayara annaaa?

2019-06-07 19:59:27
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Court orders CHRAJ to investigate Freddy Blay's pr

NDC idiots , if you want the man’s sources of funds you can find it through other methods? Note dim wits , all information is 90% public! For such a big transaction, he cannot hide his sources of funding? CHIRAJ is wasting taxpayers funds trying to prove perceptions of corruption by conjecture. The man is a lawyer. He is not going to cooperate with CHIRAJ against himself? What is CHIRAJ trying to proof? Has someone’s money been stolen? And for those who think he used money to buy his chairmanship, money is a form of freedom of expression. Not a crime!

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06-07 18:56
Obi sika ayara annaaa?
06-07 19:59