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You’re not alone – Ghana Gas tells families of Takoradi Kidnapped Girls

Comment: Shocking

2019-05-23 11:16:08
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You’re not alone – Ghana Gas tells families of

Why would you drag a reputable company like Ghana Gas into something like this. This is a disgrace. Use the money to cater for your stuff. Train your staff, buy them PPE's and all that rather than using the money foolishly for this. The families dont need the money. The girls are not the breadwinners. The families need the girls found thats all no need to give undisclosed money you have taken your huge share from to the families. Why is the money undisclosed if some of the money was not stolen. NPP no one will stay in power forever and you will surely answer for all thats going on. As the CEO he is shocking. As the head of the company he is responsible for the actions of his staff

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