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Dear Kweku Baako, CID boss did not goof

Comment: Ghana Deserves Better

Kojo Sromani
2019-05-20 06:10:11
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Dear Kweku Baako, CID boss did not goof

If officers of that rank in the USA behaved and acted COP Tiwaa did, what do you think would have happened? You sit there in Minnesota, USA, and you spill garbage on Ghana, a situation that will not be countenanced over there. It's always surprising that it is these diasporian tribal zealots and ethnocentric supporters of the NPP who always support the nonsense that happen in Ghana, something that will not be tolerated in their countries of refuge. Will those countries have been what they are for you to immigrate to if they had allowed such nonsense as Tiwaa and the NPP exhibit to go on? Tiwaa is a disgrace to the Ghana Police Service, and the earlier she is shown the exit, the better it will be for all of us.

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05-19 18:28
Ghana Deserves Better
Kojo Sromani
05-20 06:10