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Ghanaians've transitioned from 'mere spectators' to 'tyrannical pessimists' on radio – Ofori-Atta

Comment: Jdm infrastructures are hunting you

2019-05-10 22:06:40
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Ghanaians've transitioned from 'mere spectators' t

Mahama did not bring dumsor, but was bold enough take the blame , and happy to solve the problem by the time he was leaving office.
Under the previous administration parents were paying less for their wards than your regime of Free SHS hooliganisms
If we are not worse off under you,
Lets us compare tariffs
Lorry fares then and now

Electricity then and now

Fuel prices then and now

Import duties then and now

Prices of goods then and now

How much have u borrowed and what have you done with the money?

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05-10 20:00
Jdm infrastructures are hunting you
05-10 22:06