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I was tortured in Ghana for 35 days – Lebanese man

Comment: I AM ASHAMED AND SAD.......

2019-04-01 23:40:12
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I was tortured in Ghana for 35 days – Lebanese

It is disheartening that most comments on this issue ignore the most important questions. If it is true, why did our government deny that a Lebanese man had been detained? If he had not been detained by a government agency, but by some other organization, isn't it prudent to launch an official investigation to find out how this happened, to protect our international image? Why was he tortured, and not publicly tried? Why was he repatriated, only after some minority MPs exposed the affair? How could local agents collaborate with foreigners to interrogate and torture the man? I am sad that many of my countrymen are happy about this, and are insulting Lebanese, Arabs in general, Nigerians, and even often our own non-Akan countrymen, when any issue crops up. Hey, this is Ghana; a proud and well respected nation, the land of Yaa Asantewaa, Kofi Annan, Nkrumah, Busia, Rawlings, etc. In hating all others, we only kill our spirit of hope, success, self worth and unity. We are not alone in this world, and we can only attain our top potential if we kill this growing bitterness, and look at issues concerning others objectively and dispassionately. Make LOVE not WAR!!

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