I was tortured in Ghana for 35 days – Lebanese man | (comment 21450975)
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I was tortured in Ghana for 35 days – Lebanese man


2019-04-01 19:32:29
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Stop behaving like a child

Thank you very much my brother. You have put a lot of sense in the primitive brain of that idiot. Can he point to a single Arab who has done something wrong against him? How many Arabs has he ever come into contact with? Honestly, if indeed this allegations of this man is true, then Akufo Addo is putting our troops in danger all over the world. When the minority raised this issues, which some of us heard on Aljazeera news channels, the NPP denied it that anything of that sort took place. Is Akufo Addo now using Ghana as a rendition base for the Israelis? No wonder, they are teaching them how to rig elections by hacking and re- transferring opposition results to that of the NPP. How did we come so low so fast? Some of our colleagues here are now even afraid to mention their countries of origin. Where is Akufo Addo and family taking this country? I think the UN must investigate this case and take him on squarely. Under no circumstances should Akufo Addo use our peaceful nation for such criminal activities. I urge all Arab countries to deal with this foolish and useless so called president. The UN security council must convene on this matter. We cannot allow this walking dead brainless useless 75 years old good for nothing ugly chimp look alike destroy this country because he knows he is about to die and lose nothing destroying this country. The UN must take this foolish man on.

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