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Accidents: 46,284 killed between 1991 and 2018

Comment: Most Ghanaians drivers are blind

2019-03-25 10:44:00
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Re: Accidents: 46,284 killed between 1991 and 2018

Most Ghanaians drivers are sick ????. How many Ghanaians drivers see an Eye Dr per year?
1) most can’t see and react late
2) most can’t read and write roads sign. Most acquire driving license through corruption and bribery without attending proper driving schools
3) illiterates is major sickness in Ghanaians system.
4) most drivers don’t know how many tyres pressure their front and back needs None.
GYAE MANOKA, ENYE HWEE, ONYAME NTI, lies, greediness, bribery corruption and dishonesty. Tweaaaaaaa Ghana. Failed state

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