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I'm married to a Church elder, have 6 children but none belongs to him – Nurse confesses

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2019-03-10 10:44:56
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I'm married to a Church elder for 13 years, have 6

This may not be true, but if it is, the question is how sure is she that the children are not for the husband but for the ex. Does "I decide" imply that she was protecting herself any time she had sex with her husband, but had unprotected sex with her boyfriend? And again, as someone asked earlier, how come that all the children her boyfriend had with his wife were girls yet all those she had with him were boys except one? (I need medical explanation if this is possible.)
If it's true, she's not justified in any way. She should have let her husband know the problem she had with him and, if she couldn't bear it and decided to reunite with the former boyfriend, ended the marriage and go back to the boyfriend. After all she said the man was not caring, didn't provide for the family and children and didn't love her. So why was she in that marriage? Is it for the name of being married to a church elder?
If she is a Christian then she should confess. Even if the husband doesn't forgive her and she loses her marriage, which I think is not so important to her which is why she was sleeping with another man, God will forgive her and she could go and marry the boyfriend as a second wife. My only worry will be the fate of the children. Though I believe this is hypothetical and not a true story.

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