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Be cautious acting on Anas’ criminal work – Security Analyst to Akufo-Addo

Comment: Which people? Hush up.

J0eY l0nDoN
2019-03-03 12:54:48
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Action trooper

I worked in a trusted organisation, do you think i am going to jeopardise my license, family and life for millions of back door pounds? Hell no, hell no and that is what we called "intergalactic loyalty" integrity is the key to nation building.Those cought on camera soliciting for backdoor funding, might have been indulging deeply in such malpractices for a while now,fortunately today their cup is full. Welcome back to square one, criminals.

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03-02 16:29
Which people? Hush up.
J0eY l0nDoN
03-03 12:54