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Be cautious acting on Anas’ criminal work – Security Analyst to Akufo-Addo

Comment: Justice for Ahmed Sualey not 419 justice

2019-03-03 08:55:36
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Re: Anas investigate death of colleague

Oh I pity you ,if Anas is a genuine covert investigative journalist as he has shrewdly made us to believe ,then this is the time his so-called undercover services are crucially and urgently needed.
Anas has to find the killer of Ahmed Sualey then we can say Anas is not a crook,not a con man,not a fraudster and not a shrewd contriver.We need answers not videos.
He should stop trapping people to extort monies from them.
This crook has caused so many innocent people loads of pain .Karma awaits him.

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03-02 16:29
Justice for Ahmed Sualey not 419 justice
03-03 08:55