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Be cautious acting on Anas’ criminal work – Security Analyst to Akufo-Addo

Comment: Entrapment?

alex, Toronto
2019-03-02 20:07:34
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Be cautious acting on Anas’ criminal work – Se

Any time I hear people talk (especially those who should know better) about Anas modus operandus as entrapment, I tell myself "God have mercy!" This idea of entrapment is one of the grains Kennedy Agyapong has thrown before Ghanaians to peck like chicken do. It is merely a distraction! In the past, individuals who were prosecuted subsequent to Anas' tapes, had been carefully judged in accordance with the Laws of the land. So for a security analyst to talk as if people just thrown to jail without due process is misleading.
Look, what does entrapment means? You dangle the bait for the individual to bite! In the videos, the individuals either ask for the money or the take it after they had offered a 'service'. Granted even, that Anas asks for a service making a payment upfront, why should they take it, if they are "genuine servants of the land?" Only crooks take money like they have been doing in Anas' videos.
I hope the Special Prosecutor's office, and I trust that man, will act quickly and bring the people to book!
The problem we have in Ghana is, we are able to put things together so beautifully. Indeed, looking at the procedures for 'small-scale mining' as found in the books, it is simply excellent. But it has failed to achieve its goals (as Anas' videos show) because PEOPLE have still not changed! People make all noise only because they are looking for an opportunity to loot the country. It doesn't matter whether it is NDC or NPP!
So Ghanaians need 'attitudinal change'. People need to think about the country first before they think about their pockets!
Also people have to be severely punished for the ills they do to the nation. Nyantakyi is still walking around freely and even had the audacity to claim that his enemy framed him up when clearly it was not those enemies who told him to accept the bribe! Some of the people Anas unveiled engaging in passport deals are still remain unpunished; the cocoa smuggling saga etc, etc.
As a nation we are not serious at punishing those especially who are well connected politically. So people act with IMPUNITY! It's a shame! Anas and his team put their lives on the line to reveal things people we have entrusted our nation's growth with, do in secret; and their reward is simply call it an ENTRAPMENT. SHAME TO YOU, MR. SECURITY ANALYST!

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alex, Toronto
03-02 20:07