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Be cautious acting on Anas’ criminal work – Security Analyst to Akufo-Addo

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Danny, London
2019-03-02 19:32:21
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Be cautious acting on Anas’ criminal work – Se

What kind of Security expert are you?
What is your security specialism?
Why it is that many Ghanaians are now claiming to know about SECURITY which in reality they do know thing at all about?

How do you Gbande not see anything valid of the videos circulating around. I very much doubt your claim to be a Security expert. Perhaps, it will do you good to read the current political situation in the US.

You called the processes used by the Investigators as "entrapement", thus, the the whole investigation was flawed and not genuine or bad. This is the main reason your write up does not indicate or show that you are truly NOT what you claimed to be.

Plain and simple, you are NOT a specialist in Security.

I am a Financial Management mam working along some real and qualified Security people to help me my work. With these Security work colleagues their undercover work entails so much

President Akufo-Add is doing his best for the country Ghana. However, the likes you are NOT helping him with
suchildren a letter to the public to discredit the whole work of Tiger Eye. The is fact, Ghanaians do not appreciate any good thing they have got, until that particular thing is gone. Just look at the country's history or reflect on past history.

Any Ghanaian who does NOT see the good of what Tiger Eye is doing is completely BLIND.

President Akufo-Add and his good people around him MUST move on take the revelations by the tape and procure the OFFENDES.

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Ref: Be Cautious? Gbande, What Do You M
Danny, London
03-02 19:32