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Saanie Daara unable to defend Anas’ defamation suit

Comment: God shield Anas

2019-02-25 08:46:31
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Saanie Daara unable to defend Anas’ defamation s

If you have majority of the people who think through their ani,infiltrated various government institutions,the end product is waste.I pray the government 'll partner with Anas to reduce if not eradicating this canker called corruption in almost all the government sectors which has crippled the economic leverage in this country.
These gangsters,careless about impoverishing the masses,& future generations at the expense of enriching themselves.They are narrow-minded as to what happens to this beloved country is none of their objectives.
More grease to your elbows,Anas;the more they tried circumventing ways & means to hang you in public,much powerful your prowess.
Mother,Ghana deserves the best from us,the citizenry

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02-25 07:02
God shield Anas
02-25 08:46