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Economist ‘exposes’ ignorance in Adongo’s ‘rude’ letter to BoG Governor

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2019-02-11 19:23:23
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Economist ‘exposes’ ignorance in Adongo’s

NDC is full of blockheads. He told what process he as an MP should follow to get the information he needed. He also touched on how rude Adongo was but will add that my brother is very very uncouff. There was a document attached which the Dr explained himself. The plain truth is that Mahama's bad management of economy forced to go to the IMF note Mahama himself willingly took to the IMF. Where was the so call economist Adongo. These people have brought us out of the woods and wicked Adongo is ramble arousing

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Re: Economist ‘exposes’ ignorance in Adongo’s
02-11 19:23