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Economist ‘exposes’ ignorance in Adongo’s ‘rude’ letter to BoG Governor

Comment: Adongo you know your level now!

2019-02-11 17:16:17
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Economist ‘exposes’ ignorance in Adongo’s

Adongo's ignorance has been on display for long. Well, in the NDC the belief is that if you shout at the top of your voice you are revolutionary and right by default.
Evidence shows that such silly arguments are flawed.
Adongo unfortunately is looking for attention by delving into issues he does not understand nor is he trained to deal with such issues. OR MAYBE some infantile economist writes these things for him to just publish. and sine the writer does not understand the issues, Adongo looks stupid and ignorant when he publishes them.
Just look at the coherence in Dr.'s response and the seemingly unending incoherence and poor grammar in Adongo's publications.

The Governor has better things to do than respond such gross ignorance by a first round MP from Bolgatanga who displays nothing but ignorance.

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02-11 16:26
Adongo you know your level now!
02-11 17:16