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Economist ‘exposes’ ignorance in Adongo’s ‘rude’ letter to BoG Governor

Comment: Ignorance

2019-02-11 16:41:04
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Economist ‘exposes’ ignorance in Adongo’s

Such show of ignorance, lack of knowledge of the system, bullish and stupidity. Adongo wrote this and wanna be called "honorable"? How honorable could the write be if he doesn't show the respect of the position he holds (MP).If he meant this letter to be personal, he shouldn't have made it open. So, the whole world reads this, and how will Ghana be seen?This is not a representation of Ghana, but a fool from a foolish Party by name the NDC, for his base to see ,at least, he's doing something to justify his election. Unfortunately for him, it has exposed his ignorance, and lack of knowledge of the formalities of his office as an MP. Is this not a shameful misrepresentation of the role of an MP?

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