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Of hereditary jobs and politics

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2019-01-31 03:29:23
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Of hereditary jobs and politics

I didn't understand the whole article, despite it's good grammatical framework. It started with lady in Menzgold saga and listed examples of politicians and other professionals that lay foundations for their generations to follow. To India and it ended. India is one corrupt state you can think of and their political system is no difference. The caste system is almost in all advantaged positions of the country, making the rich- poverty gap so huge to break by the ordinary man. Should we allow same in Ghana? The current social economic and political dimensions of Ghana is moving into a Caste type. The reason Ghana is getting more chaos day by day, politics playing the major role in this. Example is illegal Obengfo clininc can't be shut down because NMC will not find anything wrong with it. It belongs to a socrate in Ghana and should kill the vulnerable. The new educational system in place now will definitely put the future of the country in the advantaged few. The writer who was once a minister in the education sector knows very well.

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