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Ghanaian leaders turning history upside down for ‘shameful’, ‘extremely foolish’ political ambitions – Kwesi Pratt

Comment: evil kwesi pratt

Jack Daniels
2018-12-06 07:57:04
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Next time, go straight to the point.

Gdy,kwesi pratt is the most useless pretending journalist in our modern Ghana. Sorry for my French but one need to be told in his/her face,if you listen carefully to his baseless speech you can easily pick his political agenda he continues to talk about uniting Africa as if we all Africa speak one common language and practice the same faith. Kwesi pratt proud himself of been stark cpp supporter but inside him ,he the devil against cpp. We witness Dr Hilla Liman an elected president and Dr Nkrumah's party supporter was overthrown by pndc /ndc regime led by JJ rawlings took all the properties belonging to the cpp party again collapsed 120 factories built by Dr Nkrumah. Kwesi pratt has never got the audacity, courage to demonstrate or speak against such a cruelty and what's pains me most is the kotoka stood as the soldier who overthrow Dr Nkrumah continued to enjoy his evil name after our only international airport and kwesi pratt for all these years see nothing wrong with it but always got the balls to speak his bogus parables. Kwesi pratt should shut up. ..?

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12-06 07:08
evil kwesi pratt
Jack Daniels
12-06 07:57