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Ghanaian leaders turning history upside down for ‘shameful’, ‘extremely foolish’ political ambitions – Kwesi Pratt

Comment: conspiracy against the Akans continues

insight to the bone
2018-12-06 07:43:23
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Re: Ghanaian leaders turning history upside down f

The true history has been censored and twisted to suit the wicked hate agenda of the pepeni/ayigbe /islamic domination. Go to wikipedia and they will will tell you the third largest group in Ghana are Ewes but with the creation of Oti region it becomes evident that they are a minority of a minority. The truth is whereas in communist countries all citizens were persecuted in our Akans and especially the Fantis were the targeted victims . We noted all coups since Kotoka were commited by this same group. Even the so called Kwame Nkrumah felt threatened by the Fantis so undermined them politically and economically by stealing their ideas and projects and relocating them elsewhere so they couldn't be sustainable and collapsed , Investigate the murder of Kwesi Plange and other mysterious deaths of potentially great leaders all the way down to Arkaah and Atta Mills . Yes the true history should be told if you dare

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12-06 07:08
conspiracy against the Akans continues
insight to the bone
12-06 07:43