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Amidu gets teeth to bite; law to fight corruption ready

Comment: Trouble for NDC thieves....

Abdul Slim Bill
2018-11-27 14:32:20
Comment to:

Saaaa?? U watch and see what's coming soon for Apostles and disciples of create,loot and share affairs. When prosecution starts I hope u guys don't come shouting, witch-hunting, witch-hunting oo...Hahaha.....Tell Betty mould iddrisu, Ebo Barton Oduro, Nerquaye Tetteh and wife,Dzifa Attivor....Saada thieves, gyeeda thieves, subah thieves,ayalolo bus thieves,embraer plane thieves, Waterville thieves, isofoton thieves, NSS thieves etc etc. The day of reckoning is coming like kakai....Every penny stolen from us is definitely going to be retrieved. So u better watch out. Inshallah!!

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11-27 10:43
Trouble for NDC thieves....
Abdul Slim Bill
11-27 14:32