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Amidu gets teeth to bite; law to fight corruption ready

Comment: Shegeh

2018-11-27 14:05:30
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Amidu gets teeth to bite; law to fight corruption

Amidu is a relegated joke. A muzzled dog who cannot even bark let alone bite. How can an NDC loudmouth tucked away in some obscure broken down shack get the teeth to bite an opponent who had intended to keep him mute as special prosecutor?

Nana Addo know loudmouths like amidu are best curtailed if kept close that's why he offered him that job. But he knows amidu aim was to play to the electorate he is clean and gun for the presidency against JM or the likes so he quickly neutralized him with a job he knows will alienate him from NDC.

Now amidu is nothing. Nana Addo will not give him any funds to do any harm to the deals cooking. All he can do is watch and moan like a wounded dog.


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