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Mahama's 40-year development plan 'nonsense' – Tony Aidoo

Comment: That Is True And Why We've Min. of Info.

G. K. Berko
2018-11-20 17:43:36
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Mahama's 40-year development plan 'nonsense' – T

The need for Data Mining, Assembly and constant Analysis and proper and timely usage have never been more crucial. No Nation advances without proper Management of Data.

So, in that sense, Tony Aidoo is correct. However, Data without its effective use is only an accumulation of garbage. Not only is it important to note that even when Data is collected it would have to be done to sort out and toss the garbage from the start, but also when we fail to use Data at the right time it would become garbage over a time.

Data is tied to time of collection and when to use it. If we fail to Analyze Data we collect properly we may miss when to best use it.

So, all the Political Parties must be alert to the need for proper and best Data Assembly and Usage for us to know how best to allocate our Resources, both human and material.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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11-20 11:45
That Is True And Why We've Min. of Info.
G. K. Berko
11-20 17:43