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Asamoah Gyan didn't ask for his kids’ DNA Test, Baffour Gyan did - Report

Comment: think well

2018-11-01 09:57:49
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Asamoah Gyan didn't ask for his kids’ DNA Test;

Baffour Gyan has always been an opportunist he is just licking his brothers boots. Asamoah Gyan should wise up in life. for we have seen mountains falling before. Gifty has been there for him way back before 2002 till now. Asamoah Gyan should know that life is unpredictable. Am so disappointed in Boffour Gyan. Allowing the used lady, ex wife and ex girl friend of many guys to marry your brother. wait and see the end results. The falling of a mighty warrior was a woman.

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11-01 07:25
think well
11-01 09:57
Asamoah Gyan is a rat
11-01 19:13