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There's difficulty but we're not in a crisis – Akufo-Addo

Comment: Talk is cheap

Prince Okan
2018-09-25 07:14:16
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There's difficulty but we're not in a crisis – A

When he Nana Addo became President a lot of things had happened almost all the promises he told Ghanaians are the opposite to what he told us. Now if you point them out you becomes targeted or remove from office or found dead somewhere. The cedi,Petrol,Education,Economy, The Port in Tema and Tadi workers been sent home.Hospitals,Even projects been paid for has been stop all because he needed money for his Party and 110 useless Ministers.However he told Ghanaians,"Ghanaians are setting on money but Ghanaians are hungry" Failed PRESIDENT and it's VP.

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09-24 15:36
Talk is cheap
Prince Okan
09-25 07:14