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There's difficulty but we're not in a crisis – Akufo-Addo

Comment: Ray Alan the liar bully rogue

Dumb investigators of Boston
2018-09-24 18:59:20
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There's difficulty but we're not in a crisis – A

Nana is very honest about the difficulties Ghanaians are facing. These problems are not new. When we sit down and wait for things to happen before looking for solutions, then we are not being proactive. Ghana could have hedged oil prices knowing very well that, $57 is our budgeted price per barrel when the prices were lower. For instance as the population grows, we must know that soon there will be pressure on all resources or amenities. Unfortunately a Ghanaian is busy devising means to enrich his pocket. Even my buffoon brother bully quaff, the anti- Semitic kook Alan and his lying dumb team of morons will agree with me on this one. We really need to be serious to reengage the brain,

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09-24 15:36
Ray Alan the liar bully rogue
Dumb investigators of Boston
09-24 18:59