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There's difficulty but we're not in a crisis – Akufo-Addo

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NANA ( New York )
2018-09-24 17:51:41
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There's difficulty but we're not in a crisis – A

Please some of you Ghanaians who write articles here should be a little bit matured, a little bit educated, and understand the world, not only Ghana as a whole. Some of you express opinion and it shows how ignorant you are in your thinking. And also stop the insults because that doesn't solve any solution, rather it shows how little and uneducated you are. When crude oil price goes up, it affects everything. Prices of petrol, gas, gasoline, essential commodities and products, infact everything increases. Over here in America, we are experiencing increase in the price of petrol ( gas ) too. It's all over the world, not only Ghana. Secondly everything in the world is measured by the dollar which is the denominator of the world currency. And so when the dollar is as strong as it is now, it depreciates most other currencies. In such situations the local currencies all over the world loose their value. And so we should know that other developing countries are going through the same situation. What we need to do is how the government will be able to rectify the situation, and not insults. NDC under Mahama increased petrol prices for so many times because crude oil price were increased and there is nothing any government, NDC or NPP can do about it rather than increase the price of petrol. We should stop the blame game and come together as a nation to solve our common problems.

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09-24 15:36
Re: There's difficulty but we're not in a crisis –
NANA ( New York )
09-24 17:51