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Our political parties have been hijacked by people with money – Dr Kobby Mensah

Comment: Insult

Respect the home land
2018-09-22 11:23:23
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NDC never creates jobs

Stop contradicting your self dont use your living in Germany or you gronup in Germany to think that you can insult people of you home land, i dont know the kind of graduate certificate you are holding or the kind of a profession you have, but i hope and believes that most of us that are having a better graduation and profession than you we dont use that to insult the people of our home land, one thing yoi should know is that the individuals companies you talking about in Germany or Europeans Nation's you talking about are all been helped by the state's, and the systems they is been lay down by governments, if you really need some one to put the blame on, just look at the German European and American government to pin the blame on them if you got that gosh, tell them why did they onpose their system on a people that are prepare for it, or even gets the needed Education of the system, if yoi cant do that then you better shutup

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09-22 07:18
Respect the home land
09-22 11:23