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Chief sells school lands

Comment: U can say that again my bro

God bless our homeland Ghana..
2018-09-20 23:00:04
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I don't see the importance of chiefs in Ghana anymore..all they care about is money, money, money..they don't think about the welfare of their people..the chief in my hometown in western region for example has sold almost all the lands in the area to foreigners for rubber that the population has increased and the indigenous don't have a place to even build houses for themselves..i think it's about time we get a good president that will remove some of this chiefs from their stool..most of these chiefs are not even educated..the only chief I respect in Ghana is the okyehene tough am not an akyem..but the rest forget..they are waste..

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09-20 13:30
U can say that again my bro
God bless our homeland Ghana..
09-20 23:00