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Radical transformation needed to change our 'slavish mentality' – Kojo Yankah

Comment: I mean what I say!

2018-09-19 09:42:33
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Radical transformation needed to change our 'slavi

Who is doing the transformation? Even you, you lack understanding of what needs to be done.

Ghanaians are overly used to being very uncultured, undisciplined and disrespectful. It's been a lifetime generational norm, relished social behavior.

Now, we know that the laws are correctional, so enforcement is key! Crack the whip, promote more bills suitable to new tendencies of uncouth moral foibles. But before then, purify the rotten judiciary and the police service.

Are Ghanaians better than societies where laws work? No! Our problem is simple: We aren't intelligent after all.

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09-19 09:00
I mean what I say!
09-19 09:42