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Kofi Annan’s death ‘good news’ for my sector- Catherine Afeku

Comment: You have answered yourself cannibal

2018-09-12 17:14:12
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Ashanti's are Fake

If you are an Infanti and lived and born your children in Infante Newtown. Where do the children come from. Where do JJ's children come from. Jerk if you born your children in USA you can take them to your primitive background but gold is gold no matter the name. Kofi Annan was highly educated and knew death would come to him one day. He could have said that "I don't have anything to do with Asantes" we don't need the dead for anything other than honour. That's all. He never developed or contributed anything to Asantes for you broad brush all Asantes to claim. I don't need him dead or alive. Fuck your cannibalism

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09-12 16:47
You have answered yourself cannibal
09-12 17:14