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Keep calm; your investments are safe – Menzgold to customers

Comment: Another Ponzi Scheme

2018-09-12 21:12:02
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Keep calm; your investments are safe – Menzgold

Menzgold's operations are simply a variation on the old Ponzi scheme, taking from Peters' to pay Paul with large leakage to the scheme promoters. I can bet my last Cedi that Menzgold does not have enough gold to cover the deposits it has taken from the public. This is essential a Sakwa, money laundering operation, one of many in Ghana (Case in point the numerous casinos and betting shops that have sprung up all over Accra). My fellow citizens beware of "Greeks" bearing gifts.
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09-12 14:46
Another Ponzi Scheme
09-12 21:12
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09-13 15:38
bivbo bfn. oh8h
09-13 15:38