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Keep calm; your investments are safe – Menzgold to customers

Comment: Ghanaians & Praises for crooks

Ex Ghanaian
2018-09-12 16:46:27
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Keep calm; your investments are safe – Menzgold

You these lawless shitholers never learn. Why do you always support crooks who lie,deceive and steal from you? You lot just loves crooks,whether pastors,politicians,chiefs,fake businessmen/women,fake academicians,fake doctors or foreign criminals,Ghanaians will kill their mothers and siblings to support crooks.Is this a shithole culture? And i am supp[ose to belief your shithole god and religiousity?LOOKS LIKE A BUNCH OF BRAINWASHED CITIZENs who refuses to be modern and complex humans.From the president to the Kayayo.Full of Shithole mentality and thinking.
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09-12 14:46
Ghanaians & Praises for crooks
Ex Ghanaian
09-12 16:46
bivbo bfn. oh8h
09-13 15:38
bivbo bfn. oh8h
09-13 15:38