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Free SHS: Government implementing trouble track, not double track - Yammin implies

Comment: Bring forth your solution

Joe Canada.
2018-09-12 15:48:42
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Free SHS: Government implementing trouble track, n

So what do these folks expected the government to do to accommodate all the students in a short term?. I believe the government has a plan in a long term, allow them and stop playing politics with our education system. The argument that people are willing to pay fees for their wards doesn't make sense to me. What stops them from taken their kids to the private schools where their money would be gladly accepted?. So NDC, tell all your members to take their kids to private schools, that would greatly help to decongest the schools and also help the private.schools .

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09-12 14:38
Bring forth your solution
Joe Canada.
09-12 15:48