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Kofi Amoah, Lucy Quist to be part of FIFA Normalization Committee - Reports

Comment: satanic soccer

2018-09-12 18:25:22
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Kofi Amoah, Lucy Quist to be part of FIFA Normaliz

This worid is interested in satanic worship than to worship all mighty god, 90 percent love devil worship and ten percent only worship god, soccer is a satanic and evil, let go to history in 1640 and 1807 europe slave trade was nothing but human brutality, murder, human sacrifice to their white magic god of witchcraft, the disobedience slave were rape murder and head cut off, the slave master were useing their leg to kick the human head as ball, eventually they made a small pole and they started kicking the slave head in the pole, and this is how modern day football started, god wil never support any team in this world, because soccer is satanic soccer is evil soccer is the worship of satanic, and god don't like soccer's so am pleading with humanity please stop watching soccer, stop beening a fan, is devil worship game

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