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Ignore malicious statement about Mahama attributed to me - Koku Anyidoho

Comment: Efo Koku why?

Rwandan veteran.
2018-09-12 12:51:07
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Ignore malicious statement about Mahama attributed

Nye bro,do not jump before the sounding of the big drum. Why? Why Efo Koku why? Who is decieving you and for what reward? Remember that there is nothing that can be hidden forever. Why are you doing to this Ghanaians who are suffering and are earger to see the back of this corrupt family government? Why are you doing this to Ghanaians? Because of your stomach? How many kilos of banku can you eat a day? Why have you stoop so low like this? Why do you want to damage your political carrer? I am sure your dad, a disciplinarian would be in shock by now because I know him very well. Koku, why? Once a barrack boy behaving like this? You have hurt us a lot? For now, some of us will take it as not the true story anyway.

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09-12 11:44
Efo Koku why?
Rwandan veteran.
09-12 12:51