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No player is bigger than Ghana - Kwesi Appiah

Comment: Stop that racism! Mr.N.

Emperor Rasheed
2018-08-28 21:28:41
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Re: Wimpy Appiah will fail!

Please can you show me any of my comments during the time of Grant that showed I supported him. I swear to almighty God that I will give you $500 for that. Who gave Grant the name "Paa Grant"? Go back and read all my comments during the AFCON, and see if I ever supported him. POW is my witness. I like you, but I don't like your false accusations. It don't think you don't understand slave mentality. It seems you hate all white men, and that is bad, because you are working with white people in America. I need a very good coach, regardless of the colour. You asked me a question about 6 active players, and I have answered you, but you have run away.

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08-28 17:55
Stop that racism! Mr.N.
Emperor Rasheed
08-28 21:28