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‘To think UT Bank is no more bleeds my heart’ – Kofi Amoabeng speaks

Comment: Liabilities exceeds Assets?

2018-08-17 03:41:06
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‘To think UT Bank is no more bleeds my heart’

How can you be in business if your Liabilities exceeds assets? Eventually, your business will wound up. It is not surprising to see a Ghanaian bank folding its mat because of arrogance, pomposity and disrespect. I remember this guy rubbishing the existence of God just because of his money and now he says his heart bleeds for the collapse of UT bank.

Setting up a business is not the end of the world. Doing that requires humility, down-to-earth manners and some clenched-fist policies to let the business grow to some height before enjoyment sets in.

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08-17 03:41
Liabilities exceeds Assets?
08-17 03:41