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Blame the church for Ghana’s rot – Pentecost Chairman

Comment: And Govt too

2018-08-13 11:03:19
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Blame the church for Ghana’s rot – Pentecost C

The church lives under the state rule. The govt has a duty to bring sanity into the system. This was the system that was springing up during JJs time and he put a stop to it. But this time there's democracy and freedom of worship, so it's hard. But still gov't has a diligent duty to protect us. Rwanda, Even though not a democratic state the govt has put measures in place. In our country the leaders run to these quack pastors for spiritual promotion and protection and can't act to protect us. I have seen Obotuo being police motor guard from Accra to Kumasi before. So what do you talk?

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08-13 10:24
And Govt too
08-13 11:03