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Mahama boys play tribal card

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George Nyaamine (Kassardjian)
2018-08-08 16:15:10
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Mahama boys play tribal card

Please in your quest to downplay Mahama's failures, stop using this word "NORTH." There are three regions deemed "North." May l remind the authors that, the Northern Region, Upper East and Upper Regions are separate Regions for that matter each should fight it's iwn battles. The Northern Region continues to use these two Upper Regions to do their own bidding, but is vehemently against the autonomy of the Wa and Navrongo Campuses. O, everything is about Tamale all developments to the "North" must be in the Northern Region. No wonder most Ghanaians see these three regions as one region instead of three. John Mahama refused to turn Polytechnics in Wa and Bolgatanga Technical Universities but was quick to turn a much smaller Ho Poly a Technical University. This is not a controversy the Upper Polititians should jump into. Each should fight his own fight, at least not for this VERY INCOMPETENT, CORRUPT, SELF SEEKING NORTHERN REGION POLITICIANS. I rest.

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08-08 12:16
Re: Mahama boys play tribal card
George Nyaamine (Kassardjian)
08-08 16:15