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Reshuffle looms; Napo, Boakye Agyarko targeted

Comment: Mungo face Akuffo Addo

Agokoli nanawo
2018-08-08 11:07:39
Comment to:
Reshuffle looms; Napo, Boakye Agyarko targeted

Akuffo Addo is a great liar, he is a bad man, 419 man, drug pusher, killer and terror.
I wonder why this mugu yaro, dwarf, monkey face can mis lead reasonable men and women in this nation to be blackmail by this stupid foolish notorious 419 man called President.
His first stealing was his speech stealing Americans messages.
He can not even sing the Ghana national Anthem, Ghana need better person not this mugu and mongo face man Akuffo Addo.
I am ready to send my bees to confront him to say the truth, how JB is Killed and how Nyantakyi bribe matters him more, he will go naked on the street, 1st in history for the world to see so called president goes naked.
His Nigeria rituals can not stand behind or beside me.

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08-06 16:22
Mungo face Akuffo Addo
Agokoli nanawo
08-08 11:07