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Mate dead, driver critically injured in accident at Ebony junction


2018-07-27 18:51:45
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Mate dead, driver critically injured in accident a

When you have experienced command, you can never understand the work ethic of the Ghana Police Service, especially the MTTU. Police personnel are to check traffic offending and are aware of the notorious routes and areas drivers behave with impunity. These policemen are under various levels of command. When they fail to carry out their tasks, the IGP has to take the DG , MTTD to task. He in turn must check his commanders until the defaulting officer is isolated. Punishment or admonition should follow until the Policemen attain deterring effect by their presence, apprehension and subsequent regular prosecution and conviction of offenders.
For example, the parking spot at Ngleshie Amanfrom on the Kasoa - Accra stretch of the N1 is regularly abused by trotro drivers who park on two lanes of the highway to load their trucks. Vehicles heading to Accra have to manoeuvre in one lane. The incalcitrant trotro drivers dangerously jut into the single lane without a care for the safety of other road users. The resulting congestion creates long queues and gridlock. Very senior policemen, including a Commissioner, use this road every working day. They see the infractions everyday yet do not bother to get their subordinates to do the work for which they are paid.
Ghana would be a good place to live if the IGP would realise it is his duty to get every policeman working as expected. This is why he is the Service Commander. He must learn from the Armed Forces and the other state security agencies. He himself should be the epitome of efficiency and discipline and his commanders and men would take him seriously. By the way where in the world is the Police Service made up of only graduates? He must be rough and ready!
The Ghana Police Service has invested heavily in the Chaplaincy and yet the Christian pastors and imams do not seem to exercise any moral influence on the personnel. The religious leaders in the police must conscientise the personnel as to the sins they commit by their compromises.

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