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NDC rigging allegation weak – Bantama MP

Comment: Just a political gimmick

2018-07-13 13:07:17
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NDC rigging allegation weak – Bantama MP

NDC is being chased by their own shadows.
An adage,says, “anyone who cut off people’s head is afraid to lie on his back”
Since this is their modus Operandi,they are always afraid any Party in power will do the same like them.
The fact they are forgetting is they were in power during the last elections, yet they lost.
So talking about government trying to rig an election which two years away, is just an insult to our intelligence, because Ghanaians are no fools to allow a Party to stay in power through rigging.
They have tested the power of our thumbs, so they should concentrate on eradicating corruption in their party and allow government to do what they were elected for.

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07-13 12:23
Just a political gimmick
07-13 13:07