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NDC rigging allegation weak – Bantama MP

Comment: Akufo is disgraceful to Blackman!

2018-07-13 12:23:08
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NDC rigging allegation weak – Bantama MP

Ahh !!! Ghana We urgently need a revolution to flush all these useless politicians out of Ghana. Ghana Youth we must not sit down anymore. Arise and cause an uprising. Lets burn politicians alive or chase those miserable thieves out of town. Lets wake up for our country is failing gradually and almost on the verge of collapse.
can you imagines one person can buy 275 cars just to convince people for vote while a pregnant woman and her unborn baby was refused treatment at hospital and died later just because they couldn't afford to pay Ghs 500 ?
we must demand where is our tax money? uprising now!!!
forward ever!
backwards never!!!!

because Akufo Addo also involve in this corruption with his corrupted master taking kickback? there is so many attempt by NPP to eliminate anas but we the good people of Ghana will not tolerate that ! Akufo Addo when in opposition shouting corruption! corruption! corruption!
but keep quiet because he is now in Kwesi Nyantakyi’s pocket taking 5millions kickback
disgraceful president ever
youth uprising now!!

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07-13 12:23
Akufo is disgraceful to Blackman!
07-13 12:23